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Camping in the South Island by Linda *100% authentic - all photos on this site are taken by past passengers.


NZ is all about the outdoors and the best way to experience this is by staying next to these beautiful environments in tents or cabins (we use alternative accommodation for our winter tours).

There are shared and single tent options + the chance to upgrade to cabins for those who fancy a taste of rural luxury. 

We camp at carefully chosen locations to immerse you in some of New Zealand’s best places with a huge variety of experiences and activities on your doorstep (...well tent-step).

Accommodation is usually beside beaches, lakes, mountains and forests, You will wake up to spectacular views, dine by the waters edge and escape the tourist crowds.  For those who enjoy hiking and cycling it also provides easy access to heaps of excellent trails for walks and rides everyday.

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Hostels & Hotels

- A spacious, shared tent is included in the price (sharing with one other person of a similar age/same sex). For those travelling together you will get your own private tent. The tents are actually designed for 3 people so there's plenty of room to stretch out.

- You can upgrade to have the tent to yourself for a small fee (just $75 for the 28 day Ultimate Explorer trip) 

- You can upgrade to cabins most nights for a small fee. You will be able to decide on the day and its a great option if you fancy treating yourself for a few extra $s. It also ensures that you dont need to worry about unpredictable weather.  If you would like to book any upgrades prior to the trip then no problem - just let our office know and they can sort this for you for a small service fee ($NZ20).

- Tents are easy to put up (even for those who haven't camped before) and our friendly guides are always there to give you a helping hand

- Comfy mattresses are included to ensure a great nights rest

- There are many great sites where we spend 2 nights and 3 days giving you more time to explore the best areas

-  For those doing the longer trips there are a few nights where we visit the major cities (Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown). In some of these places we will help arrange accommodation in a centrally located hostel to give you the chance to explore the city and enjoy a big night out for those that are keen.

- Our customised vehicles have a trailer behind with all equipment - kitchen, sports gear, tents and much more so we are self sufficient as we explore the best parts of New Zealand.

In some of the most stunning areas of New Zealand. The big advantage of choosing tents and cabins over hostels (apart from busy dorms and crowded kitchens) is easy access to amazing landscapes.

We use a carefully chosen combination of well managed camp sites. These range from wonderful DOC (department of conservation) camps often in wilderness locations to commercial camping grounds usually run by local kiwi families and great places to hang out with the locals.

DOC camping grounds are ideal for those looking to get “beyond the tourist trail”, often located in stunning spots near lakes, mountains and coasts. You will find facilities a little more basic but still everything we need with running water, toilets and fireplaces.

Commercial camping grounds offer facilities of a high standard with communal kitchens, dining areas and many with games and TV rooms. What makes camp sites in New Zealand so appealing is the excellent locations and immerse yourself in kiwi culture

If the weather isn't great or you fancy a break from the tent, upgrades to cabin or dorm type options are available most nights. The cost to upgrade varies from approximately NZ$12 to $30 per night. Most of these upgrade options also provide twin and double upgrades.

In some of our more remote and most stunning campsites upgrades aren't always available. However, don't worry  - if the weather isn't great we will generally find alternatives to these sites.

You can decide if you want to upgrade on the day but if your very keen to upgrade then contact us prior to your trip and we can book your accommodation in advance. Upgrades are subject to availability and around the busier months of December and January it is worth giving prior notice if you are interested in upgrades. 


We also use hostels on our trip for accommodation in cities and before and after trips. These hostels are carefully chosen to give you great access to all the city highlights in a great value, fun environment. To book hostel accommodation and get the latest and best rates click here.