• November 09

Flying Kiwi News - November 09

Tis the season for adventure

Christmas has come early for Flying Kiwi this year with brilliant conditions for hiking, camping and cycling and record numbers joining the Flying Kiwi bus...........thank you Santa.

In this months newsletter we have some inspirational ideas to get you in the festive spirit and the latest and greatest news from Flying Kiwi HQ. 

Hot Spot: Queenstown

If your looking for adrenalin, adventure and awe-inspiring views then it doesn't come any better than Queenstown.

Long established as the adrenalin capital of New Zealand (if not, the World) there are enough activity options here to satisfy all adrenalin diets!

Our Flying Kiwi trips (listed at the bottom of this article) spend a great couple of days to try as many activity options as you can handle. The choices are huge but a few of our favourites include jet boating, bungy jumping, skydiving, luging, canyon swinging, river boarding, parasailing and Lord of the Rings tours.

This area is far more than a collection of jumps, ledges and rides though. The natural landscape is stunning with breathtaking peaks, a beautiful lake and some very exclusive real estate. All this combines to provide a perfect playground for bikers and hikers with some excellent and challenging sections for all levels.

After a good days adventure its time to unwind and Queenstown is THE place for nightlife. With a huge range of excellent restaurants, bars and clubs (including one with an open top roof) you can guarantee to be laughing into the early hours with friends old and new.


Bungy, Bungy, Bungy

Whilst it may not be for everyone, there is no doubt that for many, the thrill of a bungy is firmly inscribed on their "once in a lifetime" list.

There can be few feelings in the World that match the thrill, the adrenalin and sheer exhilaration of leaping from a bridge, platform into the unknown for the first, second and even third time.

Most of "team" Flying Kiwi have taken the jump and all will confirm the thrill is unbelievable and that your heart will probably never beat so fast again. There are a host of jump spots around the country, with many justifiably touted as some of the best in the World. Jumps vary in height up to approximately 134m (800ft). For the brave (or perhaps clinically insane) you can also spice this activity up by jumping at night, with a friend (just wear ear plugs), with partial water immersion or backwards!

For non-jumpers the spectacle itself is quite a thrill and you can guarantee even if your not jumping, those that did will be telling you about it for many dinner parties to com

Flying Kiwi in the awards..again

Flying Kiwi has once again been nominated for a series of travel awards. Following on from recent accolades including being listed by National Geographic as one of the "Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth" Flying Kiwi was listed as a finalist in the Nelson Business Awards (Large Business Category) and the Golden Backpack Awards (best New Zealand Tour Operator category). Managing Director, Dennis Christian, was thrilled by the nominations and attributed much of it to "recent efforts to improve our companies sustainability and environmental impact including the introduction of a new driver monitoring system." Flying Kiwi are amongst the first to employ this technology in New Zealand which will record, manage and optimise all key aspects of driver and vehicle performance on Flying Kiwi trips.