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Flying Kiwi News - March 2011

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It's been a hard few weeks for anyone related to New Zealand following the tragic events of the earthquake. All our thoughts and best wishes are with those and their families affected by the quake.

New Zealand takes great pride in its status as a resilient, well developed nation with an overwhelming sense of community. It is these core Kiwi characteristics that drive back visitors year after year and will help ensure a successful recovery for those in the Christchurch region.

None of the Flying Kiwi buses, passengers or offices were affected by recent events and we can confirm that our superb trips are still operating as normal.

Earthquake Update

On 22nd February the Christchurch region was shaken by a substantial earthquake. Christchurch is the south islands largest city and there has sadly been significant personal injury, loss and damage to property and heritage in the Garden City.

We have added a donation field to our booking form and will be matching donations made by those booking our trips over the coming months. For further information or to donate please visit theRed Cross website.

Whilst the tragic events of 22nd February shocked our nation it iscrucial to realize that New Zealand is still very much open for business.

The country has taken a huge blow but New Zealand still remains one of the most popular tourist destinations and Flying Kiwi one of the best ways to experience it.

Here are 5 reasons (for convenience as our initial list of 378 seemed a little long) to still visit the World's most beautiful country:.

1) The affected area is relatively small

Sadly Christchurch has suffered considerable damage and these are the images being broadcast in the media. It is important to remember that this is a very small area in relation to the rest of New Zealand which waits to be explored and was unaffected by recent events.

2) Christchurch airport is fully open and operational

Auckland and Christchurch are the two main gateways for travellers entering or leaving NZ. Auckland was unaffected and Christchurch has now resumed normal service so flights are running as scheduled.

3) You can still stay in Christchurch

The CBD (Central Business District) and some eastern suburbs are still undergoing huge disruption. However, there are still a great range of accommodation providers offering the highest levels of service and helping a region in great need of support at this difficult time.

4) There are no travel restrictions imposed from other embassies

The overriding message on all travel websites is that there are no travel restrictions regarding travel to New Zealand but to appreciate that areas of Christchurch are badly affected.

5) Flying Kiwi trips are continuing as normal

Flying Kiwi trips are running as normal with the same amazing highlights, activities and adventures. Of the 28 points covered in the itinerary the only change is some restriction to areas in Christchurch CBD during the few hours spent there.

Winter tours coming soon

In response to growing demand we are very excited to announce that this season Flying Kiwi will be running snow tours through the winter.

Our powder professionals are currently finalising details of the best slopes, runs and passes but rest assured these trips are guaranteed to heat up every kiwi winter.

The tours will continue our award winning traditions of getting beyond the tourist trail - ensuring you visit some of the best ski fields in the southern hemisphere whilst enjoying heaps of great optional activities, gorgeous food and brilliant guides.

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Hot Destination: Rotorua

Many of our trips pass through the Rotorua region and enjoy genuine Maori culture and some thermal wonders. For those joining a tour passing through Rotorua here's a taste of what you will be up to.

About the Rotorua area:

This region is centred on the internationally renowned thermal resort of Rotorua. Geysers, bubbling mud pools and Maori hospitality are some of the many experiences you will encounter in Rotorua.

It is the oldest and best-known resort in the country, where generations of visitors have enjoyed its waters, marveled at its fascinating geothermal activity and experienced the region's unique Maori culture.

From the moment you arrive in Rotorua you'll know you're somewhere quite different. There is a pervasive smell of sulphur, and at nearby geothermal hotspots there are spouting geysers, acrid-smelling mud pools bubbling and belching, and warm geothermal pools and ponds that create a kaleidoscope of colour. If nature doesn't provide enough excitement, then you can top-up with some man-made extreme adventure options.

After a hard day's sightseeing or strenuous activity a dip in a thermal spa is totally relaxing.

Optional activities for tours passing through Rotorua:

Polynesian Spa Pools, Agrodome (includes multiple activities), Zorb, White water rafting and more


Snack Time favourites...

Food is a big part of every Flying Kiwi trip and here are a classic couple of advertisement appetisers to keep you entertained:

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