• February 2005

Flying Kiwi News - February 2005

Your first valentine wish.....from Flying Kiwi!

Kia Ora and welcome to the first adventure-packed edition of Kiwi News. As Valentines approaches and your postman struggles to cram all those cards into one post box we would like to ....share the love!

This month we have flight saving tips you'll love, a new adventure destination for your passion, a promotion to fuel your deepest desires and a bed of hot links. Enjoy!Six ways to save on flight costs

1. Early bird catches the worm! Tired of missing out on airline specials? Numerous airlines publish fare changes shortly after midnight, it can often prove worthwhile to get online late at night or early morning to seek these cheap fares. Don't forget many of these fares also expire around midnight so if it looks good, go for it!

2. Avoid weekends and look for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Airlines do charge premiums for the busiest periods, if you can be flexible, avoiding weekends, these two weekdays are typically your best bet.

3. Do you really need food? Airline cuisine is notorious for its quality so the cheap, bare-bones discount airlines are becoming increasingly popular. For europe try BMI BabyRyanair and EasyJet. In New Zealand Freedom Air and Virgin Blue are currently driving prices down.

4. Numbers count so if you are in a group - get negotiating! Maybe you are traveling with a team or just a group of friends. For groups of 5 or more it's often worth trying to negotiate a discount. For groups of around 20 or more you should try and contact the group-sales departments and can expect discounts of around 30%!

5. Try for relocations. Although these have been harder to come by recently often its a great way to save on internal flights. Origin Pacific offer some superb relocation fares around New Zealand, offering substantial discounts!

6. Student discounts for ex-students. Many Universities (mainly UK) offer something called associate student membership after leaving your University. This entitles you to carry on your student union membership and qualify for a few associated discounts. At times this may extend to flights and airlines. Contact your university directly to find out more.


Adventure in: Borneo

My trip took me to Sabah, on the northern tip of Borneo, the World's third largest islands and a short, cheap flight from Kuala Lumpur. Sabah offers a wealth of adventure from extreme sports to leisurely pursuits and all take advantage of the countries stunning natural beauty. This particular adventure involved climbing Mount Kinabulu, a towering granite mountain (4,095.2m/13,435 ft), serviced by a huge range of tour companies and guides (links at the end of this article).

The challenging climb lasts over 3 days and 2 nights and promises an experience you will never forget. The journey begins with a breathtaking drive to base camp (a superbly organised station, providing accommodation of varying levels, a restaurant and shop for supplies) winds through dense jungle, stunning backdrops, small village communities and a few hair raising bends!

Its an early start for the first days climbing and guides are assigned to groups before heading off. Seeing others struggle back down brings home how far you will be climbing but there's a great sense of support! After nearly 7 hours climbing, the feeling of satisfaction as you arrive at your sleep over is hard to match and never will asian cuisine taste so good! The next morning, it's up at 3am (in the dark) to finish the climb and reach the summit for sunrise. It's a writhing mass of bodies and slightly disorientating (a head torch, some warm clothes and climbing boots would be well used) as you follow a series of ropes and paths up steep inclines. Savior arrives as the sun edges out to reveal a spectacular panorama and that provides enough inspiration to finish that extra mile.

Sat with a huge sense of achievement above the clouds the groups share feelings of relief, achievement, awe and how are we going to manage the walk down! There are numerous natural spas nearby and a great way to revive those aching bones.

Fancy an adventure in Borneo? More details about Sabah and Mount Kinabulu can be found at the links below:


Thought about: Swimming with Dolphins?

New Zealand's shores feature an abundance of of fish and marine mammals. Dolphins, seals and whales attract nature-lovers from around the world. There are a great variety of dolphins patrolling our shores including the rare Hectors dolphin, the endangered Maui dolphins and the playful Dusky dolphins.

Kaikoura and the Bay of Islands are two great spots to indulge in this exhilarating activity. Imagine the opportunity to encounter dusky dolphins in their own natural habitat. Since tours to the dolphins began in 1989, in Kaikoura, the activity of swimming with the dolphins has become a most sought after opportunity. Two options are offered – swimming or watching.

Most of our tours provide opportunities to try a dolphin encounter and we only work with some of the most recognised operators in New Zealand, ensuring you feel comfortable, confident and truly enjoy this 'back to nature' experience.


Tsunami Support

We were deeply saddened by the tragic devastation caused recently. Over the last month we have been donating part of all trip payments to raise funds for the Tsunami relief effort. We are pleased to announce that so far we have raised over $1000. Thanks to all those who have travelled with us over the last month, your support can genuinely help those affected by the Tsunami. If you would like to help then check out the red cross web site for information on donations and assistance.


Valentine's Special

We are romantics at heart and this month would like to extend that out to you all. For any booking made by couples or groups of two or more in February you will get a free bottle of bubbly and a box of choccies. So if you are sharing it with your loved one, setting the mood or just love bubbly and chocs then enjoy! Have a look at our site for more information about our tours.



That's it for this month. It's been baking hot in New Zealand so its bbq time again this weekend!

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