• April 2006

Flying Kiwi News - April 2006

Flying Kiwi breaks some records!

Kia Ora and welcome. No we haven't been destroying treasured music collections but this season has seen dizzy new heights for the number of people travelling with Flying Kiwi, the number of cyclists exploring pastures new and the number of food bags purchased (approximately 20,000 - so it's good we recycle here!).

This months editorial masterpiece is the last for the season so we have made sure we end with bang. We are giving away Lonely Planet guides and introducing the superb blue lists to your travel repertoire. Also, if you're looking for another way to fill the hours before you run into the boss, gleaming with joy as you resign and head to the airport on your next trip, why not try potting sheep!! 


The Blue List - inspirational travel ideas

The best travel tips often come straight from the horse's mouth and the blue lists published by Lonely Planet are a collection of travellers finest travel recommendations. We have been digging hard and even managed to contribute a few of our own but here are our top two:

Artist's model, Hong Kong (Hong Kong) "I was in the pool", now changing pose every three minutes. The teacher goes around the room explaining to the students how best to draw the monstrosity in front of them. Pays for a week in Thailand.

Smurf, Nouméa (New Caledonia) I helped sand the boat for a friend of the hostel owner. It was blue and after a day, so was I. Walking home a boy yelled out, "schtroumpf!" which I learned later meant Smurf.

Salesman, Irkutsk (Moscow) On the Trans-Siberian, Chinese vendors were selling clothes, cameras, toys and such from the windows to Russians on the platform. A guy in my compartment sold my shoes without asking, and gave me the roubles with a very big smile.

Pan pipist, Vienna (Vienna) Miming along to a CD of Andean music, wearing a poncho and breaking out in hoots in time with my fellow performers: a pleasant day as a stand-in for a friend from the hostel.

Dead body, Tokyo (Tokyo) Lying under playground equipment with a head covered in fake blood, I practiced zazen meditation and realised I would never be a star on Japanese tv.

Santa, Lagos (Nigeria) Christmas in Africa is fun. A recently-met friend got me a job as a Santa for his company family Christmas party. They only paid me in beer, but the thrills on the kids' faces with my real white beard was worth the effort.

Medical experiment, Melbourne (Melbourne) Signed up as a subject in a drug test for treatment for a socially-communicable disease. Clean bed for a week, no need to keep food in my backpack in case of dormitory thieves. Come out with a wad of dollars and slightly green nipples.

The Alphabetical List Part 1 The most obvious place to start. Not for the indecisive. The list needs to be narrowed down to islands only, places with names you can't pronounce, cities which contain the letter "Z", or compile an alphabetical list of beer brands.

The Alphabet List Part 2 Go to every country in the world strictly in alphabetical order. Hope that borders or names don't change before you complete the list (remember Yugoslavia?). Consider that flights may challenge your travel agent, and the buses would be a nightmare.

Altitude List Start at the bottom (Netherlands)and work your way up (Nepal) as you gain confidence, an adrenalin addiction and strong calf muscles Olympic Cities List In chronological order. Should keep you going for a while, especially if you add the winter Olympics.

Groupie's List Be part of history and head off to wherever your favourite fast food restaurant, fashion designer or sports shoe brand is opening a new outlet. Alternatively, only go to places where there is no fast food or brand names.

The Borrowed List If you can't decide on an itinerary, follow someone else's. Your favourite travel writer, UN ambassador, or conqueror should provide inspiration. Alcoholic authors and insane artists can also prove handy. Please note that I am not condoning stalking!

Pin the Tail on the Donkey Except it's not a donkey, it's a world map. Just don't use an inflatable globe if the pin is sharp. Could be interesting if you end up in an uninhabitable desert, ice station or remote atoll.

Red Alert List Book a holiday to wherever the government is currently warning you against travelling to. By the time you get there the crisis will (hopefully) be over and the locals will be welcoming back tourists. Perfect if you don't like crowds.

For more fun ideas and inspiration check out Lonely Planets Blue List Site - you can even create your own. How about "Best thing to do in New Zealand - Flying Kiwi" - just an idea :)

Thought about: Kayaking

Sea Kayaking in New Zealand is one of the most popular adventure activities & it is easy to see. Surrounded by so much water, and such a varied coastline, one is spoilt for choice. We have such a varied landscape, from the deep fiords of the Milford sounds, & the golden beaches of the Abel Tasman, to the spectacular volcanic remains of the Coromandel Peninsula , each is special & very different from the other.

From a sea kayak you can appreciate the magic of the entire coastline, that you would otherwise be unable to experience, it is like tramping on the sea. With no fumes or noise, you can appreciate nature at its best. There is also the chance of encounters with wildlife as you drift on by.

Cathedral cove kayaks on the Coromandel peninsula cover some fantastic volcanic coastline on their award winning “beaches, islands, caves coves & Cappuccinos” tour, & we highly recommend them, & their cappuccinos. Visit www.seakayaktours.co.nz

For more information on kayaking area check out:

New Zealand Recreational Canoeing Association

Win a Lonely Planet travel guide

As the blog revolution takes hold we have had a heap of past travellers sending us their travel sites - there's been some superb pictures and quite clearly a few budding web whizzes!

We are offering 3 budding Bill Brysons the chance to WIN the Lonely Planet country guide of your choice for the best Flying Kiwi albums and blogs. Whether you're heading to Tibet or Tanzania we will send you the latest Lonely planet guide to help plan your next adventure. Below are a few example of recent sites sent in by our travellers - the perfect way to get the "real" perspective on Flying Kiwi and maybe discover you've made web stardom!!

If you have an online photo album, blog, video or similar about your Flying Kiwi trip then be in to win and email your details to neil@flyingkiwi.com. Please include your name, address, the trip you travelled on, email and a link to your Flying Kiwi travel blog or photo diary. The closing date for entries is 30th April and winners will be announced via email and on the Flying Kiwi site - good luck!

Save $100's on Flying Kiwi trips by booking early!

As its now more expensive to drink a glass of petrol than champagne (not that we are recommending this) the price of Flying Kiwi trips in the 06-07 season will be going up - but still the cheapest way to tour New Zealand. However, if you're already on your way then book before the end of June and you can still get this seasons prices. Check out the site for more details.



Hot Links

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That's it for this month. Have a great Easter and enjoy those chocolate bunnies. Whilst our buses take a well earned rest from the end of April until September plenty of the team are still around to answer any questions you have about future trips, departures and costs. If you have any feedback, questions or ideas for Kiwi News or Flying Kiwi.

Safe Travels,

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