• Bus Tours New Zealand

Bus Tours New Zealand

Bus Tours New Zealand

How did you find out about Flying Kiwi's adventure bus tours around New Zealand? Chances are a friend of yours went on one and wouldn't shut up about it. We pride ourselves with the fact that a large percentage of our clients come through referral.

Our Bus Tours are unique

There are hundreds of bus tours available in New Zealand but many seem to blend into one. A Flying Kiwi bus tour really stands out as being unique; whether its the convenience of bikes and kayaks being carried for you on tour, the abilitty to jump off and hike or bike in rural New Zealand, the lack of other bus crowds or the money you save the excitement is contagious. Our bus tours strive to show you teh real New Zealand and we take pride in getting you beyond the tourist trail.

If this sounds like the kind of adventure that you would like to try then check out our bus tours of New Zealand .