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Perfect trip for a comprehensive tour of New Zealand!

, travelled Summer Blast South Island Tour on 18/12/2014

Just want to tak the chance to thank the Flying Kiwi crew! I had an amazing experience in my time here in New Zealand! Next time I'm going to consider doing the South Island with you guys too!

, travelled on 13/12/2014

Flying Kiwi is a great way to see the wonders and beauty New Zealand has to offer!

, travelled on 13/12/2014

5 Stars *****

, travelled on 18/12/2014

The Flying Kiwi experience was brilliant. It is the perfect way to see and explore the country!

, travelled Wild West South Island Tour on 16/12/2014

I would 100% recommend Flying Kiwi to anyone! It's been a fantastic trip & I've had some amazing experiences with some new friends, Thank you!

, travelled Wild West South Island Tour on 16/12/2014

Amazing tour! Would do it again in an instant!

, travelled Wild West South Island Tour on 16/12/2014

An amazing experience with people who want to have the same experience!!!

, travelled Ultimate Explorer - NZ's Top Rated Adventure Tour on 18/12/2014

Great way to see a lot of the country in a short space of time. A tour for people who love the outdoors, not for hotel lovers

, travelled on 02/12/2014

Good value for money with fun and enthusiastic leaders

, travelled on 02/12/2014

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