• Auckland's Best Coffee

Auckland's Best Coffee

Auckland's Best Coffee

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Auckland's Best Coffee

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Having a not-so-early start when joining our trip from Auckland, you've definitely got time to check some of these hot spots out!


For CBD fixes visit Anzac avenue and High Street

Eighthirty is slowly spreading their expertly brewed coffee across Auckland City. Having their first café open on K Road in 2009, you will now come across Eightthirty in the more central areas (Anzac Avenue and High Street) as well as locations out at Parnell and Ponsonby. While each joint is unique in its own right, Each location in unique in it’s own way, but have carried throughout all their destinations that sleek, industrial interior. Not focusing on unnecessary frills or eccentric décor — just good, honest coffee, brewed to perfection every. single. time. You’ll also find the much-loved brand across a handful of cafes throughout the country (they only work with the best!).

Shaky Isles

Auckland's Shaky Isles, Britomart is part of a new vanguard picking up on older styles of coffee making and using modern techniques to improve on efforts from days gone by. Still doing great espresso, Shaky Isles has also recently started offering syphon, cold drip and filter coffee. A great way to appreciate specialty single origin blends, these methods produce a cleaner tasting and more flavourful cup. It has also started bringing in some of the very best (and expensive) coffee the world has to offer - very small batches of low-yield single origin beans.

Espresso Workshop

Parnell, Britomart and Orakei Bay Village

For some of the finest brews in town, look no further than Espresso Workshop. For your inner-city coffee fix at an easy to grab location, check in at their Britomart espresso bar. Originally founded in Parnell back in 2007, the roaster uses the best quality beans to produce small batch, roasted coffee like no other. You can even take that good quality taste home with you! Pop in to stock up on beans, and if you’re not grabbing a coffee on the go, relaxe, sit down and enjoy a meal and a cuppa


RAD occupies a relatively small space at the end of Mt Eden Village and the coffee is, err, totally rad. The house ‘bomber’ blend comes from the amazing Wellington roaster, Flight, and the team at Rad certainly do it justice. They’ve got all your caffeine faves as well as cold drip, clever brew and aero press. Yep, trust us when we say: these guys are serious about good coffee! Every cup is made with a copious amount of TLC and a range of guest blends and single origins are often available for connoisseurs. Their juices, smoothies and milkshakes (anyone for a chocolate fish shake?) are equally desirable.

Goodness Gracious

Eden Terrace

A little further distance than the CBD, Goodness Gracious should already be on your radar because of its incredible bagels, but don’t stop there—the coffee is where it’s at. Get your morning fix at this small but friendly spot on New North Road as you head into the city. They’ve even got affogato on the menu for those who like their caffeine with a big ol’ dollop of ice cream!