Tom & Shan Tour Photos - Feb/March 2018

Who's Hungry??

Who's Hungry??: Shannon Higgs

The Tongariro Crossing

The Tongariro Crossing: Alex Kauser

Opononi Sandboard Championships

Opononi Sandboard Championships: Shannon Higgs

Surfs Up Dudes

Surfs Up Dudes: Alex Kauser

Sweet As...

Sweet As...: Tom Judd

All about the Sunset!

All about the Sunset!: Shannon Higgs

Thunder Creek Falls

Thunder Creek Falls: Shannon Higgs

Views For Miles!

Views For Miles!: Alex Hauser

Team Fox.

Team Fox.: Shannon Higgs

Giant Swing.

Giant Swing.: Tom Judd

Ferg's by the lake.

Ferg's by the lake.: Shannon Higgs

Rangitata Sunrise

Rangitata Sunrise: Shannon Higgs

Bonfire on the Beach - Okarito

Bonfire on the Beach - Okarito: Tom Judd

Boulders and Balls on the Beach!

Boulders and Balls on the Beach!: Helen Capell

Wai O Tapu

Wai O Tapu: Alex Kauser

The Sun Can't always Shine!

The Sun Can't always Shine!: Shannon Higgs