Genna & Ginna Tour Photos - Mar/April 2018

Opononi - The Kauri Coast

Opononi - The Kauri Coast: Genna Thomson

When in Rome.....

When in Rome.....: Ginna Auld

The Might of Milford

The Might of Milford: Ginna Auld

Ready for the Crossing

Ready for the Crossing: Marc Winkler


Hobbiton : Viv Lau

St Paddy's Day Nutters!!

St Paddy's Day Nutters!!: Genna Thomson

Meeting the locals - Ben Lomond - Queenstown

Meeting the locals - Ben Lomond - Queenstown: Ginna Auld


Sandboarding : Ginna Auld

Getting up Close With A Volcano!

Getting up Close With A Volcano!: Viv Lau

Lake Pukaki Sunset

Lake Pukaki Sunset: Ginna Auld

The Routeburners

The Routeburners: Ginna Auld

Cyclone Shelter! - Hot Water Beach

Cyclone Shelter! - Hot Water Beach: Viv Lau

Skydive - Taupo Tandems

Skydive - Taupo Tandems: Marc Winkler

Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park: Viv Lau

Biking at Lake Pukaki

Biking at Lake Pukaki: Andy Williamson

Punakaiki Sunset

Punakaiki Sunset: Ginna Auld