Genna & Charlene Tour Photos Feb/March 2019

Love Fitzroy Beach!!

Love Fitzroy Beach!!: Charlene

Gotta' go up to come down!

Gotta' go up to come down!: Charlene

The fun bit!

The fun bit!: Charlene

Bay Of Islands Crew

Bay Of Islands Crew: Charlene

The Four Sisters - Waipou Forrest

The Four Sisters - Waipou Forrest: Charlene

World Famous in NZ

World Famous in NZ: Charlene

Spa Park - Taupo

Spa Park - Taupo: Charlene

Paekakariki Sunset

Paekakariki Sunset: Charlene

Tree Huggers!

Tree Huggers!: Charlene

We love the views!

We love the views!: Charlene

Anywhere, anytime.

Anywhere, anytime.


Fiordland: Charlene

Grubs Up!

Grubs Up!: Charlene

Moeraki Boulders

Moeraki Boulders: Charlene

Jumping for Joy

Jumping for Joy: Charlene

Milford Magic

Milford Magic: Charlene

Eglington Valley Antics

Eglington Valley Antics: Charlene

Not a bad spot for your tent!!

Not a bad spot for your tent!!: Charlene

Love camping!!

Love camping!!: Charlene

The Wild West

The Wild West: Charlene