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New Zealand bike tour
Bike ride near Te Anau by Lindsey Keith *100% authentic - all photos on this site are taken by past passengers.

New Zealand's Ultimate Bike Tour

With Flying Kiwi you get to take a New Zealand bike tour on a late model 24 speed aluminium framed mountain bike selected and set up specifically for New Zealand conditions.

Bike models for your tour include Avanti bikes which are all regularly serviced and often less than 12 months old. The bikes are ideal for all levels and all the terrains you may be covering, the best part is that on tour at the end of a great days riding you get to hang up your bike, hang up your gear, sit back and enjoy a great meal with friends, a camp fire and the stunning New Zealand landscape - you can't beat that!

A Flying Kiwi bike tour is completely unique and allows a great deal more flexibility than other tour options. The key differences are:

+ unbeatable value - quite simply the best value bike tour in New Zealand - there are no other options that come close!

+ the only bike tour with adventure activites included - as we travel New Zealand there's the chance to experience some of the best adventure activities in the world. Each tour is carefully planned so you can take a break from the bike and enjoy dolphin swimming, glacier hiking and much more

+ a unique pick up and drop off system - on every tour you get to bike the distances you want. Enjoy great rides around the campsite and on the longer stretches the tour bus will take a similar route so it can pick you and your bike up when you are finished - no doubling back and no carrying around heavy gear

+ fancy a break - let the bus take the strain - the structure of the tour is as close as you can get to having your own support crew. The great advantage is if you feel tired or the weather isn't great you just pop your bike on the trailor and jump on the tour bus. You still get to take in all the best scenery and activities and can jump back on the bike as soon as your ready. :)

Want to bring your bike on tour?

If you'd like to bring your own bike let us know and that can be arranged as well, whatever your needs when you tour New Zealand we will go out of our way to make sure its the adventure of a lifetime.

There are a great range of different trips you can try, so check out options for your Flying Kiwi New Zealand bike tour .

National Geographic 2009 - Flying Kiwi rated as leading budget bike tour operator in New Zealand

"this was my first bike tour but a perfect introduction. I built up the distances i rode everyday and loved the option to take a break when i fancied it - epecially after completing amazing activities like the Tongariro Crossing. I'd highly recommend the trip to riders of all levels and i have now kitted myself with a new bike and cant wait to join another tour soon."  Fiona, UK